My first website - in only 10 steps

Have a look at our demonstration file and then just try by yourself:
My first website - Instructions >>>

At the first try HTML programing looks quite complicated that nevertheless knowledge or th English language, you often do not have any chance to understand the code.
Thus one finds very hard the entrance and the understanding for the logic behind the used language which hides in HTML.

In a short explanation and a completely simple example we want to bring you more near to understand the principle of programming with Gigatool wen templates and how easy you will have satisfying results.

Follow this link - My first Website open the form in Word format and copy the whole page in your word processing software (we recommand WORD for windows).
Create a folder in your computer named "My first website" and save this document in this folder with file name "HTMLCode".

Now will do some changings and prepare a picture for your first website following hereunder instructions:

    In only 10 steps to your first website

    !! IMPORTANT !! Replace only hereunder sections.
    Leave all other indicators untouched.

    1. Create a folder in your computer with title "MY HOMEPAGE"
    2. Prepare any photo in landscape format w 400px, h 300px and save in your folder
    3. Copy the whole programming code into your word processing software
    4. Replace position TITLE OF WEBSITE and Sample-01.jpg with your title and date file name
    5. Replace position SAMPLETEXT with any of your own text - length no limit
    6. select Edit - Select All - Copy for the whole text in document
    7. open Windows Editor (Notepad) - select Start - All Programs - Accessories - Notepad)
    8. select Edit - Paste. The whole text will be filled in Notepad.
    9. select Files - Save As - Save as type = All files, File Name = index.html
    10. Save - in your prepared folder "My Homepage"

Your first HTML programming is saved now.

Open your filei index.html by double click and your website will open in explorer.

Your new Title is shown on screen with some space from upper and left border.
Your new text is placed below.
Your picture appears on screen.

Selecting the prepared link you can conect directly to the GIGATOOL web website and using the return function you can go back to your page.

That is how easy instructions will guide you through programming your website with Gigatool web templates. Even if it is the more complex website it will be not much complicated, because everything is well prepared in our templates.

Instructions will guide you step by step.

Chose your requested package and your presentation in www will be no more problem.

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