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The most frequently asked questions
Shall I copy all files to my computer first before starting editing and programming?
It is more convenient to copy all files from Gigatool data CD onto your computer before programming. You are more flexible if only using files from your computer and in case of any mistake and a new start of programming its faster access to start with these copied files.

Can I find all descriptions and instructions on the Gigatool web data CD?
Yes, before you begin programming, we advise to print out all descriptions of the prepared website you have chosen, then you can use these like a manual.

How should I handle planning my website?
In the description of the respective Website, you find exact information concerning prepared programmings and the space for text and photos, kept free therein. Consider how many topics, text and photos you want to place there and how many pages and connected links you need.
Gigatool web offers from 3 to 5 pages prepared links in different layouts, in which you can place unlimited text, since the Website adapts to your place needs downward in the length.

How the photos must be prepared?
In the descriptions of the collected website, you find the data concerning the size of the photos - to width x height, in indication of pixel. Use your usual photosoftware and edit the photos to this size proportional, to avoid distortions during the representation in the Internet.
Prepare all necessary photos edited to the right size and save them in a data file where all files which will be used on your website have to be stored in to be indicated on your website.

How do I start programming without knowledge of HTML programming?
All descriptions are included directly in the HTML Code of the websites, so as the space to edit for your text and space for the prepared photos. You go through programming step by step and follow the instructions which are clearly mentioning every step you do. Insert, replace or erase only parts of the programming which you are strictly advised by the instruction. Never erase letters which are written in red color. Each page of your website will be programmed separately, but all links are already inserted. You only strictly have to follow all instructions and pay attention to the file names which you will be asked to give to store each page.

What happens if I have erased any indication or letter of prepared HTML code by accident?
That should be no big problem. You have to replace the erased part again. In the most situation if you notice it right away you can use the Windows option UNDO to solve the problem. In all cases we recommend to spend the time for correction and use the printed prepared programming form to check in all positions to be conform with the original before storing the file to your computer.
The time you spend for that is worth it, and little mistakes can be solved immediately. To search for a mistake later, takes very often so much time that it is more comfortable to start a new programming of the previous page.
Please do not expect that everything will run smooth without any mistake at your first try. Programming is such a complex procedure that sometimes a restart will make you more familiar and make it easier and easier.

Can I have a look at my programming immediately as a check?
Yes, after finishing the programming of every page of your website and storing under the file name advice in the instructions, you are able to open each page in the Windows Explorer immediately with a double click on data file, to see how it will look like in the Internet. If you check the opening page immediately after programming all links cannot have its function, because there is not page to connect to. As soon as you have finished programming the page -2- this link will be active and so on from page to page.

What happens if the website does not appear correct on the screen?
An error in the received Gigatool Web data CD, can be almost excluded, since all offered versions and their functions are tested, and are multiplied without any change to the data CD.
Usually it is a small indication or a letter that have been unnoticed deleted during programming, and this effects HTML programming not to work correct and cannot been shown on screen.
Please check all red written indication and letters on the printed instructions if programming is complete and in case add missing positions.
Since Gigatool Web works very conscientiously in controlling all products, we ask you please to accomplish your check conscientiously first also from your side. If no error should have real to be found, we stand to your side also with advice and action. The simplest way for a fast recovery is that you send the programmed files to us as Attachment to our support E-Mail address. We will immediately check the data and send an report for your reference, that you can better accomplish better your control routine in future. Should the error really be caused of data mistake on our side, we ask you already for apology and offer naturally this service to you free of charge.

How my ready finished programming gets in the Internet?
As soon as everything runs smoothly after your checking, please send the whole data file to the Gigatool web executive E-mail address, and give us your domain name with details where it is parked in the moment. We will arrange the transfer to our provider, further installing the website and announce all login data to you for installing the E-mail addresses for your website.
Please consider the Gigatool Web business conditions, after which Gigatool Web does not take any liability for contents, topics, statements and figurative representations on your website, and should your Website infringe against good customs or laws, Gigatool Web entitled to refuse a publication without further indication from reasons. Since this is already agreement at the time of the conclusion between you and Gigatool Web and was accepted by you with the business conditions when you registered, a reimbursement of the amount hunted by you for the period of the agreement is impossible.

How do I increase period of contract to keep the website in the net?
Two month before the 2 year contract expires you will be contacted by Gigatool web and asked to chose increase contract for another 1 or 2 years, which amount for chosen period has to be transferred within 14 days before expiry date. If your transfer received on Gigatool web account within this period the contract will be increased, if the amount in not transferred in time, the website will be erased from Internet.
Your domain name and the programming will be returned back to you or to any provider which you will advise to Gigatool web, as you are the owner of it.

Gigatool Web and its team hopes that you are content with our service.