Code fragments - help

The legend is not completely alphabetically, but arranged under consideration and importance of the Gigatool Web users. Codes which you will use and need programming with the Gigatool Web package you will find assorted according in topics.

Therefore we did not integrate these explaining form directly into the Gigatool web website, but arranged it into an Excel table, which can so easily been updated by us and sorted accordingly to your needs, for you to print out to keep as reference.

Follow this link to Code fragments - help, and the Excel sheet will open which will be updated by Gigatool web from time to time and can be edited as you wish and saved on your computer.

The table is write protected, in order to reduce the abuse a little bit. If necessary in order to edit for your needs, please contact us, and you will receive a code for your use to enter the table.

Yours Gigatool web team

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